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Located at No.3655,Jinhai Highway,Fengxian District,Shanghai, PREMIER. Nanqiao Center,relying on the development platform of the Oriental Beauty Valley of Shanghai and with beauty and health industry as the core and cultivating a new generation of information technology and other emerging industries as the foundation, was built to forge a smart and beautiful health industrial park integrating headquarters R & D, production intelligent manufacturing, scientific and technological innovation, industrial incubation and service supporting.

Product Planning::

The functional layout of the park is people-oriented to shape the high-end image of enterprises. The first and second floors are 7.8 meters high, creating a space needed for R & D and offices with excellent atmosphere and vision.The free division and free combination design breaks the traditional constraints of closed space and realizes the perfect integration and conversion of production and office, which leads to a new era of intelligent offices.


The whole underground excavation is adopted.As no vehicle is allowed on the ground, people and vehicles are separated,which extends the office area so as to greatly improve the safety and comfort.Ultra wide road and distance between buildings. The main traffic network of the park is unlimited and smooth. The main road of the park is planned and designed to be 10 meters, and the super wide space between buildings is 24.5 meters. All buildings can be easily reached. Sidewalks are set along the East-West axis, which is organically integrated with the green space to form a continuous, comfortable and interesting green plant path, which not only ensures safety, but also highlights the vitality of the park.



Characteristic landscape design plus exclusive courtyard. International methods are used to create garden-style R & D and office base including the East-West main view axis, the entrance square, the green belt,the landscape along the city road, the small leisure areas in different shapes,the single exclusive courtyards with perfect layout and the organically combined trees,shrubs,lawn and enclosed plant space, which,through mutual interpenetration, infiltration and complementation,helps to form a continuous and connected landscape space and thus create a warm and comfortable landscape environment in order to create an innovative sunshine oasis in South Shanghai.

Innovated science and technology to create a new landmark of energy conservation and environmental protection 

The park adopts energy-saving and environmental protection technology in sewage treatment, rainwater and sewage diversion, noise control, energy-saving and power-saving, so as to create a green, healthy, energy-saving and environmental protection Pioneer Park meeting the office needs of the new era.