PREMIER. Sheshan Intelligent Land
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As one of the major industrial projects in Songjiang District, PREMIER. Sheshan Intelligent Land takes "One base, Two platforms and Six types of enterprises" as the industrial planning and integrating the biomedical industry as the core. It is to form a biomedical achievements transformation area and an industrial accelerator,and to construct a smart science and technology innovation industry center in the Yangtze River Delta integrating industries like biomedical industry, integrated circuit, new energy, new materials, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent security with an agglomeration of industries, functions and factors.We’ve created a comprehensive city-industry integration park integrating "intelligent production, R & D pilot scale experiment space , headquarters offices and living supporting services".

Product Planning:

It’s an industrial complex community integrating intelligent production, R & D pilot scale experiment space , headquarters offices and living supporting services. It’s at Land 104 in the National Development Zone and can be processed for production EIA. The architectural style of the project is modern and simple, and the exterior wall materials are aluminum plate and real stone paint. It is all detached office buildings -- the spacious detached buildings (to realize the independent naming right of "one enterprise, one building, one sign") will enhance the brand image and the influence of the enterprises.



The super high rise design, with the first floor 7.2m, the second 4.2-4.5m,the third and fourth 3.9-6.6m, highlights the wide view and spaciousness of the buildings. The space can be freely divided and combined with the first and second floors approved for production, which realizes the perfect integration and conversion of production and offices, leading to a new era of intelligent manufacturing and R & D offices. The super wide space between buildings is 12-30 meters, and the main roads are 5-12 meters wide,which makes the traffic either for passengers or freight go smoothly. With a large area of solid perennial greening system, it makes much extension in space.



It’s a garden-style low-carbon and low-density ecological park,a boutique industrial complex created by the world famous architectural design companies. The super large garden-style landscape terrace, together with the beautiful scenery surrounded by it, makes it possible for you to conduct the business negotiations at ease while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery that is rarely seen in Shanghai.The roof garden that comes with it will allow you to enjoy the high-quality office environment after hectic work.The buildings are present with proprietary certificates. Being squarely laid out,it reshapes the space value and thus what you see is what you get. The product line is upgraded to meet the needs of different industries. (flexible combination of the 225-8618m² area,good for sale or rent)