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"Link New Territories" is a rental housing brand under Premier Group, a comprehensive rental housing service provider integrating investment development, operation management, online "rental platform" and offline "rental community". With the vision of "creating and enjoying a new life" and the concept of "work plus life", Premier will build a "green, open, shared and intelligent" future community, integrating entrepreneurship, living, social interaction to lead a new future lifestyle. For you,the dream pursuers, a cozy home - home is where your dream is.

Dream of life Seven characteristic gardens Make your private space colorful From the perspective of functionality, ecology and artistry, the community creates 7 theme gardens by means of dynamic and static, sparse and dense to create a private space exclusively for you.

Star Garden 

With the modern and charming outdoor bar corridor, star garden comes into being. The surrounding plants create a romantic and warm garden atmosphere.

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Theatre Garden 

The lawn activity space surrounded by crystal clear water can meet the needs of young people's gathering and communication.It can be used as lawn cinema, lawn theater and area for other leisure activities.

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Botanical Garden 

Based on the features of the area, part of the area is open for young people to plant plants to encourage the interaction among the neighborhood.

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Reading Garden 

Located at the riverside area of the community, it will be built into a mysterious dense forest space to create green and quiet living atmosphere, in which the community tenants can release their mind to read freely and rest well.

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Sports Garden 

The community has a multi-functional comprehensive sports venue to meet the health needs of people for daily sports and fitness. Meanwhile, the interactive fitness devices with a touch of science and technology are added, such as photoelectric bicycle, photoelectric trampling system, photoelectric swing, etc.

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Pets Garden 

To meet the needs of families with pets, the community has set up a special space for pets. Iron fences and pet toilets are set around the site, which makes the community clean, hygienic, safe and convenient for management.

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Waterfront garden

Located at the riverside of the community, it will be built into a relaxing and comfortable water-viewing space.The natural waterscape keeps you close to nature and helps your find ease in the hustle and bustle of the city.

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The humanity of the design creates a comfortable and safe living space 

The minimalist interior style, by figuring out the living needs of five kinds of young people through humanized design, creates a pure and exclusive space for you.

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Dream of starting a business   SharingHall   Link your future

Leaning on G60 science and technology innovation corridor, adjacent to the AI industrial base, and embedded in "one town, two belts and four districts", the frontier area of Maker Center will build you a dream land at a high starting point, and your future starts here.

 SharingHall -- an independent and interconnected space covering private reception area, quiet reading area, surround video and audio area, multi-functional office area, full-functional fitness area and other functional areas. Your integrated social, meeting, leisure and entertainment needs are met here.

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Dream of intelligence Prime attentive service warms your living condition 

LINK New Territories Future Community will be equipped with intelligent integrated system, face recognition, one-click smart App , high-speed WiFi coverage as well as a dedicated community housekeeping team.In addition to excellent, efficient and professional property management, it will also provide 24-hour intimate, exclusive and prime management service for residents. Here, the community housekeeper will become a "good assistant" to solve any life needs of you and provide more value-added services in order to make your living experience cozy and satisfactory.