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"Link New Territories" is a rental housing brand under Premier Group, a comprehensive rental housing service provider integrating investment development, operation management, online "rental platform" and offline "rental community". With the vision of "creating and enjoying a new life" and the concept of "work plus life", Premier will build a "green, open, shared and intelligent" future community, integrating entrepreneurship, living, social interaction to lead a new future lifestyle. For you,the dream pursuers, a cozy home - home is where your dream is.

Product planning: 

Based in Chedun and connecting Shanghai, taking Chedun film and television cultural theme as the feature and the new Shanghai style open sharing block as the core, it will be built into a large-scale comprehensive rental community integrating service apartments, white-collar apartments and enterprise apartments.

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Open inner commercial street: One bedroom: 33㎡

LINK· Yunhui Future Community(图6)LINK· Yunhui Future Community(图7)

One bedroom and two living rooms:50㎡

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Two bedrooms and two living rooms: 75㎡

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