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Through the transformation and upgrading of the old workshop of the former Songjiang No.4 machine tool plant affiliated to Shanghai Electric Group, it will be built into a smart science and technology industry community integrating business incubation service, smart technology innovation and smart life experience with the smart city industry as the guide and cultural innovation as the feature,which aims to build a closed industrial ecological chain from entrepreneurship incubation, innovation practice, accelerated development to industry leader through four industry centers including maker center, innovation center, enterprise center and headquarters center concurrently equipped with rental housing, boutique business hotels, cultural and artistic spaces and leisure and commercial facilities.

Product Planning:

To redefine the future and beauty of the city 

Root of the city. Beauty of industry .Joy of Songjiang

International masterpiece and new model of urban renewal 

Created by SUD,the European architectural design institution.The forward-looking design, embedding the contents of contemporary life while reserving the symbols and elements of the original industrial space, carves an international paradise city.

Open space,new highland of smart industry 

The community is built by the water by using scientific and technological environmental protection building materials, which is low-carbon and healthy. The space can be freely divided and combined, which makes it an open, innovative and multi-dimensional industrial cluster area.

City-industry integration,the new landmark of smart life 

Located in the old urban area of Songjiang, the project is provided with convenient transportation and well-developed living conditions.The vibrant Maker Center, adjacent intelligent rental housing, extremely friendly public space, industrial office and commercial square in the community create a 5-minute creative and intelligent life circle of "social plus living plus entrepreneurship” in the community.The reconstruction of community vitality that is suitable for business, residence and tourism will stimulate the vitality of the city in the future.

Traditional industrial aesthetics retains the context 

The original factory buildings are largely preserved,with modern fashion design style and industrial style mutually matched, Chinese and Western elements integrated, culture and science and technology developed simultaneously, which brings in new vitality to the era of science and technology.

PREMIER·Ledu City(图1)

PREMIER·Ledu City(图2)PREMIER·Ledu City(图3)

PREMIER·Ledu City(图4)

Marvelous office experience 

Stroll in PREMIER.Ledu City to experience the infinite thinking space brought by community makers and the innovative power given by talents to the city,to appreciate the new technology of the future presented by frontier creative designs and the extreme office environment experience brought by Waterfront ecological offices, to experience 360 ° all-round mixture of life and leisure,to witness the bright future of life constructed by science, technology and innovation together with your spirit, and to feel the new vitality of the city in the historical and cultural inheritance.

Excellent location 

It’s located at the important G60 development belt with superb transportation network including trams,rail transport,international airport and motorways etc. connecting the whole city and the world,which provides a complete transport platform to fuel the rocket of the future development.

Rail transport 

Metro Line 9 Songjiang Sports Center Station Tram T1 、T2 Yushu Road Station (Premier. Ledu City Station)

Complete Facilities 

Supporting facilities include long-term rental apartments, boutique business hotels, cultural and art space, leisure and commercial facilities and other zero-distance facilities concerning life, leisure, and services in the industrial area, which makes the work and life convenient.

PREMIER·Ledu City(图5)

PREMIER·Ledu City(图6)

PREMIER·Ledu City(图7)

PREMIER·Ledu City(图8)